Wye Oak and Julien Baker at House of Vans

December 15, 2019

Wye Oak at House of Vans on June 19, 2019.

A giant event space and marketing tool for the apparel company Vans, House of Vans regularly hosts free concerts to promote their brand. These concerts are publicized as “house parties” to reinforce the idea that the brand is young, fun, cool. I went to this particular one to see Wye Oak, to support my friend who was DJing between sets, and to get acquainted with Julien Baker’s music. If I’m being honest, much like going to a house party in my youth, there was far too much loud chatter going on and I got far too drunk in order to fully appreciate the bands’ performances. (There are many reasons I got too drunk, but a large factor was also that Goose Island also sponsors these events and the beer was free.) Despite all of this, I still managed to keep track of Wye Oak’s setlist.

Julien Baker at House of Vans on June 19, 2019.

Wye Oak’s Setlist:
It Was Not Natural
Say Hello
You of All People
That I Do
The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs

DJ K. Marks at House of Vans on June 19, 2019.