SASAMI with Sen Morimoto at Schubas Tavern

June 16, 2019

SASAMI at Schubas Tavern on April 23, 2019.

Formerly a keyboard player for the band Cherry Glazerr, Sasami Ashworth released a debut solo album this past March. Her music is shoegaze-y and hypnotic, with vocals reminiscent of Trish Keenan of Broadcast.

Sasami has a pretty quirky personality, and is comfortable with it. Honestly, she’s a little bit of a dick, but mostly only if you’re a white dude. Definitely not shy, she says whatever comes to her mind at the moment. At the show at Schubas, she dove right into a song to kick off her set, and then greeted the audience with a “HELLO!” screamed into the microphone and informed us that here finger was bleeding already.

Don’t let her seemingly carefree presence fool you though. Her lyrics are emotionally challenging, tackling themes of love and failed relationships. Perhaps it’s because she realizes that things aren’t all that serious and that life kind of just is what it is, Sasami is able to write lyrics that cut with emotional depth.

SASAMI at Schubas Tavern on April 23, 2019. Photo by J. W. Wegner.

It was an all-ages show, so it got out earlier than most of the shows I go to. Not really feeling like going home so early, I decided to have a drink at the bar in the front room before heading out. As the crows thinned out, Sasami and a bandmate came out to the front to talk to a couple of people that they know. I asked her to sign the back of the cropped tank top I purchased from her merch table. The shirt has a picture of her neck sporting a hickey in the shape of a smiley face. She happily obliged and told me that she loves that tank top and feels like she would immediately be friends with anyone who purchases it. I felt awkward and tongue-tied, and mumbled out something about how I thought the shirt was perfect and how much I enjoyed her set. She was on her way out, so she gave me a firm handshake as though she was running for local government and thanked me for coming to the show.

SASAMI at Schubas Tavern on April 23, 2019.

SASAMI’s Setlist:
Morning Comes
I Was A Window
At Hollywood
Not The Time
Take Care
Adult Contemporary
Pacify My Heart

Sen Morimoto opening for SASAMI at Schubas Tavern on April 23, 2019.

Sen Morimoto’s Setlist:
Thought of You
Picture of a Painting
I Just Spoke to Mama
People Watching
How It Feels
Shouldn’t Live of Remember a Day